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    Once your Contexter subscription and user account are up and running, you can log into findCRA and view Contexter market reports anytime, for any county in the nation. Market Reports can be accessed either from the Contexter search page or from your account dashboard. Read on for a more detailed guide on how to access your Contexter Market Reports from each f these locations.

    From the Contexter Search Page

    Step 1: Log in and open Contexter.

    NOTE: If you are logged in, you can open the Contexter search page anytime from the navigation menu by clicking the square grid icon in the upper right corner and then clicking the Contexter icon.

    Step 2: Search by county or open a saved report.

    1.  In the search bar at the top left side of the page, type all or part of the name of the county (or county equivalent) for which you would like to see a Market Report.
    2. Click the county or county-equivalent from the dropdown list of suggested options. NOTE: many counties in different states share the same name, so be sure to click the correct option and use the scroll bar if necessary.

    Selecting from your saved reports

    1. Click anywhere inside the white dropdown button at the top right side of the page (next to the search bar) to open a dropdown list of your saved reports.
    2. From the dropdown list, click on the report you would like to view and it will begin loading in your current browser tab. NOTE:  in this dropdown list, your saved reports are sorted in ascending order by their FIPS ID number by default.

    From your account dashboard

    Step 1: Log in and go to My Account.

    Step 2: Click on the “SAVED REPORTS” tab.

    The “Saved Reports” tab displays a table of all your saved Contexter Market Reports. From this table you can either open or print a report or you can delete a report from your list of Saved Market Reports.

    NOTE: If you’re logged in, you can access the Saved Reports section of your account dashboard anytime by opening your user dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page and clicking “Contexter Market Reports” under the “Saved” section.

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